Part One of “Frozen Memory" (2002) - Egyptian Artist AMAL KENAWY

In collaboration with her brother, Abdel Ghani Kenawy, Amal produced this early Video, Photography, and Sculpture installation in 2002 as part of a project that explores issues of birth, death, and marriage. Themes that were heavily featured in most of her artistic work afterwards, and constitute a base for her progression and versatility in tackling the these topics from different perspectives. 
In Frozen Memory, Amal tackles the effect these issues have on the individual, not based on his/her social space, but on how they affect the function of ones soul within the confinement of the body. A main aspect of this study is how the uncertainty that comes with birth, marriage, and death contribute to ones emotional and mental development. How not knowing ones place within a certain setting often leads to the alienation of the soul both within a social setting, but also within the confinements of body. All of these themes are introduced within the limits of Amal and her brother’s memories and personal experiences.
This eventually leads Amal to one question:
shall I die after my lifetime or during it?


Reflected Landscapes by Victoria Siemer

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Girl With A Death Mask (She Plays Alone), 1938
Frida Kahlo


Girl With A Death Mask (She Plays Alone), 1938

Frida Kahlo

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